All your questions answered.

It is as simple as clicking ‘Enter Now’ from the menu, choosing your bike(s) and the number of tickets you’d like.

Then fill out your details and boom… you’re in the draw.

Make sure all your contact details are correct, we don’t want to have to give your prize to someone else!

Yes, our draw is currently open only to UK residents.

Although you don’t need to physically be in the UK to enter, you should be a valid UK resident and provide a UK shipping address for any winning items to be delivered.

One bike is won each month and you can choose which one you’d like from a selection. You can buy tickets for multiple bikes and the bike won will match the bike selected on the ticket.

We cap tickets at 10,000 so you’ll never have lower than 1 in 10,000 chance.

However the odds are often much, much better than that.

Tickets sold are visible on our prize page and updated in real time.

Yes. Regardless of tickets sold, the live draw will take place each month guaranteed.

Draws which continually ‘roll over’ are sketchy to say the least…

Draws will be on a monthly basis although the regularity of draws is at our discretion.

We are known for being very generous around Christmas and special occasions.

As long as you are signed up to be notified when a draw go live, you’ll never miss another draw.

Draws generally take place just after the end of every month or at our discretion.

A 24 hour warning will be given to all entrants before the draw opens.

Following the completion of the checkout process, you will receive a an email confirming your entry into the Win Your Dream Bike draw.

It will confirm the number of tickets bought and the live draw date.

Winners are picked by a random ticket selector in the form of a wheel of names. 

Make sure you check out our live draw to see it in action!

You can watch the live draw, plus the winners of all prizes will be published on the website within 48 hours of recognition of winning. 

We also send an update via email and on our social pages.

The WYDB team will attempt to contact all winners within 24 hours of the draw. Make sure your contact details are correct!

You can enter as many as 100 times in a given month. 2 tickets means you are twice as likely to win!

Each draw has a maximum amount of tickets that can be sold, this is to ensure sensible odds.

Yes indeed! If you wish to enter for free, then simply send an unenclosed postcard via First Class post stating the competition you’d like to enter and the following details:

Name; Address; Email; Date of Birth; Contact Phone No.

To the following address:

7 Leightonhouse Close

St Neots

PE19 6BW

Please note: All entries must have an active account and we must receive your entry before the competition closes. We recommend you read the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

We donate a minimum of 10% from every ticket sold to charity.

However it’s often much more than that.

Charity is important to us and so we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped raise thousands of pounds for charity through entering Win Your Dream Bike.

How your prize is delivered will depend on what it is. If it is a bike, our team will contact you either arranging a visit to a show room, or to take your measurements to ensure that we get you the perfect size.

All runner up prizes are sent with free delivery.

You can contact the team on social media:


Or get in touch with us via email:


Yes, as long as the draw is still open, you can request a refund for any tickets purchased.

Please email us at hello@winyourdreambike.co.uk to request a refund.

Endurance Zone are the marketing and promotions team behind Win Your Dream Bike.

Endurance Zone acquired the agency CyclingHub, the original promoters in 2021. CyclingHub built up a strong reputation in the cycling world, as a social media and communications company working with some of the biggest names in the UK Cycling Industry. 

Fantastic! We are always keen to work with new companies to help them put their products in the spotlight. Get in touch with us at hello@winyourdreambike.co.uk and we can chat!